“No, nothing like that. Mrs Munroe’s had an accident. She’s…” he faltered “…she’s she seems to be … ah…dead. I need to call the police.”

“Dead?” echoed Janet as she showed Keith when the phone was. “How? When?”

“Last night I’d say.” said Keith, dialling. He paused “Ah police please” He stood waiting to be connected and Janet just wanted to give him a big hug. “ah yesyes hello I’d like to report a death” he looked down to see Janet’s hand on his arm and she mimed drinking a drink. He nodded gratefully and she went off to make him some tea.

When she returned he was just finishing. “ok so I wait. Right. Bye.”

“They’re going to send someone over.” he announced.

“Well they would wouldn’t they? Don’t worry they’ll sort it all out.”

“I should get back to the float.”

“Not until you’ve drunk this” she said offering a mug of hot tea.

“Thanks.” he said gratefully. “but they said to wait outside the house.

“Drink.” said Janet firmly. “Tea first. Then you’ll be ready to meet the policemen.”

Chapter 3.5


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