Face facts I am extremely unlikely to finish. Since this was true on 1st November it’s not news. I don’t want the story to die on the 30th so I need a new goal and that goal is to finish before 1st May 2013.

That’s finish as in complete the story. I’m no longer going to worry about word count. That can wait until NaNo 2013!

Failure? Nah let’s just move the goalposts a bit.


This year I am blogging my NaNoWriMo efforts. I have been meaning to attempt NaNo for several years now but have never managed to find time to write more than a chapter.

This time I have enforced sit downs due to nursing a baby but can’t type with one hand. I jokingly said that I could do it this year on my phone but my phone can’t store a novel. Then I came up with the idea of blogging my output.

And this, dear Reader, is exactly what this is.