“I see it.” nodded Janet.

“She always made me walk along it. Never on the grass. Never take a shortcut. What idiot laid out a path like that for walking along anyway?”

Just then Banjo started barking again.

“He’s probably hungry poor thing.” said Janet “I’m going to fetch him and take him home. The police will just send him to kennels poor thing.”

She clambered down from the float before Keith could get round to help her down and disappeared round the side of the house.

At the rear Banjo greeted her with a flurry of barks.

“shush shush” she said as he bounced up at the gate. She fumbled the catch but eventually it clicked and the gate was unlocked. She looked at Banjo sternly.


Banjo tapped his rear on the floor then bounced up again in excitement. Janet repeated the order with a bit of an extra edge to her voice.


Banjo sat, then whined. Janet opened the gate slightly and edged round. Banjo kept looking like he wanted to bounce up again but a look from Janet and he sat again. She reached the lead down from its hook and clipped it onto his collar.

“Come on, you’re with me now”

She led Banjo to the corner of the house. Mrs Munroe was lying under a window near a tree in a white dress or nightie. Janet knew there wasn’t much time to study the area but then she remembered her phone. She dug it out of her bag and started taking photos.

Chapter 3.7


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