Janet put her plate and mug on her special tray. She’d christened it the basket tray as it had a handle like a basket to allow one handed carrying as she needed the other for her stick. Then she took them through to the front room. She sat down in her chair near the window so she could see the street and anyone coming to call. Not that anyone did. The village was small and while not remote it wasn’t really on the way anywhere so strangers were quite a rarity. She reached for the television remote and fumbled it off the side table onto the floor. Her grabber was nowhere to be seen so she stood up to look for it.

After several minutes of turning round scrutinizing the room and likely hiding places she spotted it poking out from under the chair. She had another grabber in the kitchen so she went back through to collect it. Then she was able to pick up both the remote and the first grabber. She took the other one back to the kitchen as she knew it would annoy her if she didn’t put it away properly.

Chapter 3.3


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