She went back to the milk, wiped it and put it in the fridge. There was a little left in yesterday’s bottle so she took that over to the kettle. She fetched a mug and went back to the sink to fill the kettle. The dog was barking again now. She fancied he sounded like he wanted to be let out. Probably needs a walk now he’s had his breakfast she thought.

She turned the kettle on and went into the pantry to fetch the biscuits. Elevensies was the second best time of day. A hot cup – or, as she now preferred for speed and convenience, mug – and a couple of biscuits.

The kettle was boiling so she poured the hot water into the mug then added a tea bag. She wasn’t one of those fussy tea drinkers. As long as tea, milk and boiling water got together tea would ensue. She chose a couple of biscuits to put on her plate and stuffed another in her mouth. Just before she finished replacing the lid on the tin she slipped another biscuit out. Crunching it she took the tin back to the pantry then fished the bag out of the mug

Chapter 3.2


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