But that wasn’t a problem now. The mugs were on the dresser, the tea in a tin behind the kettle and the milk was in her hand.

She put down the milk and went to fetch the cloth. She wasn’t quite sure why she still bothered with wiping the milk down. It always looked clean but there was an ingrained habit to break now. She wondered if some days she wiped them two or even three times without really thinking about it it was so routine. Collect milk, wipe it, put in fridge. When she was next to the sink she could hear that dog – what was his name Barney? Billy? no something musical – Bongo – that was probably it – either way he was barking quite loudly now. Then his tone changed. Before he had been barking with a sort of almost but not quite growl or snarl as if he were angry or anxious. Now he was more sort of yapping frantically. She paused to listen some more. Probably whatshername had slept in and had only just got up to feed him she supposed. The barking stopped so Janet decided she must be right.

Chapter 3.1


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