… my presence.”

“Oh ok. I’ll email you a copy of the second presentation and we can make alternative arrangements to assess your performance on the course” he replied.

“Great. Thanks. I’ll look forward to that.” Duncan lied. Then he shot off as fast as he could praying that there really was something serious to attend to and not just that they had forgotten about his course.

He crossed the car park at what he hoped was a businesslike fast walk and clambered into his car. He started the engine and had driven a mile back towards Cantree before he realised that he had no idea what had come up Mp where he was heading. He pulled in to the side of the road and called Susan back.

“Hiya Sherlock.” he said “what’s so urgent that I can’t enjoy a training course in peace?”

At the other end Susan winced. She hated the nickname he’d given her. To be fair it was a pretty obvious one and more than once she had regretted not keeping her maiden name for professional purposes.

“We’ve got a body. Possible murder.”

Chapter 2.11


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