Actually that wasn’t true. What startled him was A phone ringing. Everyone seems to have “old fashioned telephone” as their ringtone he thought as he scrambled in his pocket. Then it stopped. Gone to voicemail. Duncan finally located his phone and sure enough it was flashing the message icon.

Susan didn’t want to leave a message. Half the time her boss didn’t respond and you had to call him back anyway. The rest of the time he didn’t even realise he had a message. Usually because he was in a pub somewhere. Nonetheless when the beep beeped she felt compelled to speak.

“Hi it’s me. Susan. It’s … urm … about 10.30 … ah … and we … um … have a … ah … situation … ah um … here that you … um … need to know. About. Ok. Thanks. See you. Bye.”

That has to go down in history as one of the worst messages thought Duncan when he finally worked out how to listen to it. He went over to the training officer.

“Hi I’m sorry but something serious has come up down our way and my team have requested …

Chapter 2.10


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