The speaker asked for questions and there was a moment of silence, just long enough to get everyone’s hopes up before an over enthusiastic youngster near the front asked something which made it quite clear he was just asking a question to impress his elders with his inquisitive mind and studious manner.

Finally, finally, after another couple of such questions, each proceeded by a similar hopeful pause, the session was adjourned for what the speaker gratingly referred to as a comfort break. For godssake, thought Duncan, you’re not a bleeding Yank!

There was a large vacuum jug of coffee at the back of the room and after Duncan had had worked out which bit released the contents, fought with the dozen or so miniature milk cartons and four packs of sugar he needed to make the stuff palatable, Duncan was not in the best frame of mind. He scanned the room to see if he knew anyone. There were two “camps”; voluntary youngsters who thought it would impress their bosses and mature coppers like himself, who needed …

Chapter 2.8


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