“That remains to be seen.” he drawled in that infuriating manner he had.

“Can you tell me anything?” she pleaded “should I call Duncan?”

“Unless you interrupt his coffee break I doubt he will object to missing the rest of the course. I suspect he has already dismissed it as a load of rubbish, no, bollocks, expressly designed to annoy him.” he paused and pushed his glasses back up his nose. “I think an unexplained death with wounding to the head would cheer him up no end.”

Susan was unsure whether he was being serious or not. He knew Duncan well through the golf club, rotary club or local lodge or something but you could never be sure what he meant as he was always so dammed serious in his manner. She had to admit though, her boss hadn’t been thrilled when he had been told to go on this course. HIS boss had all but called him a clock-watching dinosaur who should retire but wouldn’t because of the impact on his pension. She decided to check in with the other officers working around the house then call him.

Chapter 2.6


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