The house was easy to find with all the cars gathered round it. Susan pulled up and was greeted by the constable who had called her.

“Over here!” he pointed “just round the side of the house.”

Susan walked over to where he was pointing. A small army of scene of crime officers were searching the area immediately around where Mrs Munroe lay. She was a plump woman in her sixties or maybe late fifties. She was wearing only a nightie and a slipper – Susan made a mental note to make sure the other one was located. She had fallen on her back and had a large gash over one eye.

Richard Fitzwilliam-Stuart, the pathologist, had already arrived and was examining the body. Susan knew he wouldn’t say anything until he had made his report but tried to get some gut feelings out of him nonetheless.

“Any idea when she died?” she started with.

“Sometime before 10.42am” he replied “that’s when she was found.”

“Ok.” Susan tried again “Do you think that blow to her head killed her?”

Chapter 2.5


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