which sounded sweet so she took that. A little way along was a wide gateway which would do as a temporary parking place so she pulled in to consult the map.

After 10 minutes of puzzlement Susan gave up and dug out the sat nav. After a bit of prodding she succeeded in getting a grid reference for her destination and was able to plot a route. Her first mistake had been the left after turning off the by-pass and she would need to retrace almost her entire route up to that point before she was headed in the correct direction. Acutely aware that she was now very late she put the car in gear, turned it round and set off.

The rest of the journey passed without incident or recourse to the dreaded machine. The village wasn’t large enough to make finding the address difficult; hamlet would be a better description except that 20 years ago it had had a school, pub, shop and two churches which were all now closed as the locals were priced out and commuters had taken over turning into a dormitory ghost town she thought.

Chapter 2.4.


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