Susan hated Sat nav. Rie found it terribly patronising to be told where to go by a machine. Plus she didn’t trust it to come up with the best route when compared to her local knowledge. And she was useless at judging distances. Many times she had arrived at an address by spiraling in towards it because she couldn’t tell whether she’d driven 200 metres or not. The upshot was that she carried in her car a complete set of 1:50000 ordnance survey landranger maps for the whole county. They never went wrong and she could easily translate map inches into road yards.

The problem with maps, however, is that plotting a diversion requires you to find somewhere to pull over rather than just driving until the sat nav gets the message and stops telling you to do a u-turn in a safe place. There was a tree down on the Cantree by-pass and the traffic was very slow. Susan took a speculative right then a left for balance and started looking out for somewhere to pull in to work out a new routing. A sign pointed to “Melthin”

Chapter 2.4


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