These were the ones where she had to consult her notes and actually think about what to say. Some of the calls in this pile were related to the ones in the second pile. Some simply needed her to move the information around.

She decided she needed a cup of tea before she started on the last pile so she went over to the kettle. It was empty which meant a trip down the corridor to the kitchen. She filled it up and stole a handful of uniform’s biscuits. Then went back to the office to boil the kettle.

Just as she was pouring the water into her mug the phone rang. She went to answer it. She listened to the message then replied

“I’ll be right there. Has anyone called Richard?”

“No, he’s next on my list of people to call.” said the caller.

“Great. I’ll meet him there.” she confirmed then put the phone down. Then she transferred her tea into a travel mug and went to find her car and and have a look at the map.

Chapter 2.3


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