Duncan Wray woke up slowly. The daylight filtering through the curtains was fresh and bright and he could hear that the wind had subsided. Today would be a good day to tidy up the allotment and mulch it for the winter. Pity about the three hours he was going to have to endure on “The Client Victim” Course he was providing a service. He didn’t need some trumped up little squirt reminding him to mind his P’s and Q’s. With a bit of luck he could sneak off early to plant his real peas; they weren’t expecting him into the office today because of this training session.

He reluctantly got out of bed and went downstairs to start the coffee off while he showered. He stared at himself in the mirror. Not too bad he thought. Not enough hair and a bit too much belly but he could still run 10k which was more than some of these youngsters could do. Digging the allotment would help with the belly.

After, he drank his coffee and munched some toast before getting dressed and setting off in his nondescript black Volvo.

Chapter 2


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