Time which could be better spent. He also wondered if they would have any of those ginger biscuits at coffee break and how much longer he would have to wait to find out.

* * *

Susan Holmes was woken by the sound of fighting coming from downstairs. It was almost time to get up anyway. Jonah, the youngest, seemed to be trying to unscrew Oscar’s head. She spilt them up and sent them upstairs to get dressed while she made breakfast. Once everyone had eaten there was the usual routine of brushing teeth, losing school bags and packing everything into the car. She dropped the boys at the school breakfast club and then made her way into work.

There was a pile of messages on her desk. She sorted them into piles. Needs a response. Information only. Urgent. The urgent ones were mainly quick to deal with as any response was enough to placate the caller. Next was the information pile. That took longer as the information needed to be correctly filed away. Finally she started on the last silent set.

Chapter 2.2


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