Duncan arrived late. The traffic had been heavy as a tree was partially blocking the Cantree by-pass and he had had to divert through the town centre. Which seemed to be hosting the festival of temporary traffic lights. Mp maybe it was just a convention of holes.

He slipped into the back of the room. The training officer – who he doubted had ever actually done any policing – had a powerpoint presentation. The current slide looked like the planning map for Spaghetti Junction but on closer examination of the handout it seemed to be a chart detailing the “stakeholders” in an investigation and the various relationships between them. Duncan let his mind drift. He wondered if you actually got training trainers who trained training officers in the art of using powerpoint to obfuscate the point. As far as Duncan was concerned you were polite to the victims and as long as you caught your man without putting too many backs up everyone was happy. Paperwork and keeping everyone informed was a waste of time.

Chapter 2.1


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