Keith decided to go upstairs first. Off the landing were three doors. The first opened into a bedroom with a pair of neatly made beds. Huge floor to ceiling picture windows took up the wall opposite the door and the wall opposite the beds was lined with fitted cupboards.

Keith tried the next door and found an identikit room. Even the bedspreads were the same. Neither room looked as though anyone actually slept there.

The third door opened onto the bathroom which was equally devoid of clutter. Not even a toothbrush was to be seen. Keith opened the bathroom cabinet to reassure himself that someone lived there. A neatly squeezed tube of toothpaste and toothbrush lay on their own shelf below a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo.

Keith went back downstairs and tried the remaining door. This was a study. One wall was full of books – the first he’d seen anywhere in the house – arranged by author and subject. The shelves had neat letters and Dewy numbers to aid in finding the correct title.

Chapter 1.16


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