Keith tried to get out of the way, over-balanced and ended up rolling on his side in an ungainly mess. In the confusion his cap fell off and Banjo took his chance. Dropping the key he pounced on the cap, lay down on it and proceeded to chew the brim.

Keith took his opportunity too. Grabbing the key he stood up and dusted himself down then put the key in the door and turned it. The key turned part way and stuck. Puzzled he tried turning it the other way. There was a satisfying clunk as the bolt moved. Cursing that he had simply assumed the door was locked and hadn’t actually tried it he turned the key again to unlock the door, turned the handle and went in.

The house still had its original kitchen and white slab fronted units lined the walls, their edges chipped and the straight lines bent by sagging hinges. Even the cooker looked original, with heat marks round the elements and the dials virtually illegible. The fridge was brand new, presumably its predecessor was less long-lived.

Chapter 1.14


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