Banjo took this as an invitation to play, leapt forward and grabbed the cane. He started tugging on it and growling in delight. Keith had great difficulty in holding on to the stick. Suddenly the key came loose and went flying over to the other side of the kitchen. Banjo barked in delight and rushed off to fetch it back. Keith hurriedly removed the stick and shoved it back into the plant.

Banjo stood in the kitchen with the key dangling from his mouth. For some reason it was attached to a boatman’s fob which consisted of a large cork ball on a piece of rope. He’d never had so much fun in his own kitchen now and now his playmate had disappeared. He dropped the fob and sniffed the ground. Then he sniffed at the door frame. He stood thinking for a minute, his tail waving warily then trotted back to the key fob, picked it up in his mouth and ran through the flap.

Keith had been thinking too. He had been just about to put his head through the door to assess the situation when Banjo burst through and startled him

Chapter 1.13


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