dog proof gate. He jumped up glad to see someone then darted through a dog flap in the back door.

Keith considered his options. No way was he small enough to get through the flap. Maybe though he could reach through the flap and get the key. Assuming Mrs Munroe wasn’t paranoid about security. Banjo might not be your usual idea of a guard dog but the idea of anyone getting past him without alerting his owner was quite laughable.

Keith paused in unfastening the gate. As soon as he got within range Banjo was going to bounce. With all that terrier in him he was very good at bouncing. Worse though is what would happen when he got down on his knees to reach through the flap. Then Banjo was going to think he wanted to play and would lick his face and try to play tug-of-war with his coat. The prospect was not appealing.

He made sure the gate was secure and walked few paces from the house.

“Mrs Munroe?” he shouted “It’s Keith. The milkman”
There was no reply. Banjo cocked his head to one side in puzzlement

Chapter 1.8


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