Keith stuck his arm through the flap again and reached up towards the lock. His fingertips brushed the key fob but he couldn’t reach high enough to grip it. He pulled his arm back and looked around. The porch was quite empty; there was a water bowl in the corner and Bingo’s lead hanging on a hook. There was also a dead tomato plant still tied to its cane.

A glimmer of an idea came to Keith and he pulled the cane free of the plant. It was longer than he needed so he stood up, braced it against the ground and snapped it in two. Taking one of the pieces he slid it through the door and waved it from side to side trying to hit the key. After a few passes he managed to get the cane wedged up against the key. Slowly and carefully he wiggled the cane. A couple of times it slipped but eventually Keith managed to hook the cane through the key fob. Next he pushed the cane up to ensure a good hold then slowly he tried to lever the key out of the lock. The key would not budge so he tried shaking the stick.

Chapter 1.12


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