No, there was nothing for it, he would have to get inside and bring help.

Suddenly the phone rang. Banjo burst into a frenzy of barking and dashed inside. Keith hesitated. On the one hand this was his chance to get to Banjo’s side of the gate. On the other he didn’t want to be caught if it turned out she had just forgotten and then over-slept. Theanswerphone cut in and Keith took his chance. Quickly he unhooked the gate and slipped into the porch then shut it firmly behind him again. Then he knelt down and put his hand through the flap. He reached up and fumbled around trying to find a key. Nothing. Then he thought that if he put his head through the flap he could see where to aim for. So carefully he pushed through the flap and looked around. Banjo, who had been watching with interest gave an excited bounce and rushed over to lick his face. Keith hurriedly withdrew and stood up but he had found out that there was indeed a key on the other side.

Chapter 1.11


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