It sounded like he was round the back of the house. There was a kennel there and Keith hoped that he was chained up.

He checked his book. Mrs Munroe had a complicated pattern of milk deliveries that altered from week to week so Keith had to always check what was required. Just one pint of semi-skimmed today.

Keith climbed down, selected a bottle and walked down the path. The path annoyed him too. The gateway in the ridiculous dwarf hedge was opposite the door but the path curved round in an arc then back again to form a sort of S-shape. When he had taken over the round he had just ignored the path and headed straight for the door but Mrs Munroe had told him off for walking on the grass so now he followed its curves to the porch.

Mrs Munroe had one of those terracotta milk coolers. Keith lifted the lid and put the milk inside then straightened up and went back to his float. He was just about to turn round when it hit him. Where were the empties?

Chapter 1.7


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