Mr Munroe had died in the early eighties and only his widow lived in the house now. With that dog. Banjo was well-known and well-disliked. He was a mongrel. He clearly had Jack Russell in his lineage and probably some spaniel. He barked at everything from the postman to his own shadow. For a long time he would attempt to mate with anything he could mount although after he got out and sired a litter with James White’s pedigree poodle Mrs Munroe had been persuaded to take him to the vets and he had calmed down slightly. Unfortunately no one had succeeded in persuading her to take him to obedience classes and it was a common sight to see Banjo galloping down the road dragging Mrs Munroe rather like a speed boat towing a water skier. She also refused to install a proper fence claiming that it would ruin the intended design of the house and gardens which meant it was very easy for Banjo to escape and terrorise the local wildlife and livestock. Only last week he had been seen in Duncan’s fields chasing rabbits.

Chapter 1.6


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