“She sounds like she knows her mind then! And your lovely Susan? Is she well?”

“Sarah is very well too. She’s baking today so I’ll have cake tomorrow. She knows how partial you are to a bit of fruit cake.

“Did your nephew ever come round?” Keith continued. He personally thought most of Janet’s should do more to keep an eye on her but he knew she would never leave the village willingly and they had their own lives to lead in the relative metropolis that was Kedslie.

“Aye he did. He’s a good lad really. Fixed the tap and that door handle. Did I tell you about the door handle. It was only last week. I was in the kitchen and for some reason – I don’t know – I shut the door. And when I came to open it again the whole thing came off in my hand! The rod bit in the middle hadn’t come out so I nipped it with the serving tongs and escaped!” Janet chuckled at her own ingenuity. “Anyway I mustn’t keep you.”

“Yes I’d better get on” Keith agreed. “and have you got your phone now?”

Chapter 1.3


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