Keith always made a point of knocking on Janet at number 18. Round about last Christmas time she’d had a nasty fall getting out of the bath and it had been Keith, spotting that yesterday’s milk was still on the step, that had raised the alarm. He’d visited her in hospital and they had become friends.

“Morning Keith” Janet Greene smiled as she opened the door “and how are you today?”

“Oh I’m grand” he replied “and yourself? You’re looking well. The storm didn’t keep you awake then?”

Janet laughed “I’m half deaf. I could sleep through a tornado! And how’s your Kitty getting on at university? Has she found a flat for next year then?”

“Kathy is fine.” replied Keith. Janet was always getting names wrong and it had become an in-joke between them that she had never once got his eldest’s name correct. “She’s off to look at a few this week. She says they are all rubbish and I told her I thought all student digs were rubbish but she thinks that’s not the case anymore. And they’re not called digs either!”

Chapter 1.2


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