“Number 24’s dog? Hate the little sod. He’s always under my feet. It’s a wonder I haven’t dropped a bottle on his head.”

“hah I’d probably have dropped one on purpose after the fuss he was making last night. Kept the whole street awake I shouldn’t wonder.” she pulled her cardigan closer and shook herself “Anyway shouldn’t stand here yakking away to you all morning. Got jobs to do and that milk won’t deliver itself!”

“No that it won’t” agreed Keith “see you tomorrow then.”

He walked back to his float and drove it a few yards down the road. He made his deliveries to numbers 23 and 25 then crossed the road to 18. He could hear raised voices coming from somewhere. It never ceased to amaze him how invisible the “regulars” were. People only noticed the milkman, paper boy or postie when they weren’t there. Being invisible had its perks – on more than one occasion Keith had been witness to something the participants should have kept private.

Chapter 1.1


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